Helping students find “just right books”

When my school library was on a fully fixed schedule, I saw every PK-5 class every week. Checkout time could be a little frantic and fun, helping students find books, helping adjust the self-checkout computer, “helping” kids stop running and playing tag – it’s a large space!  

This year the library is on a fully flex schedule. Teachers use Gaggle to schedule time to bring their classes for checkout, research and co-teaching.  And I am able to join them in their weekly grade level planning sessions. 

Now I want the teachers’ help in encouraging students to find books they can read, and to read the books they borrow from the library. But collaboration with me, and with my partner the technology facilitator, is new for our teachers. They are nominally using Daily 5, and I’m looking for advice about using it to build our students’ ability to find and read just right books.